Buildover requirements

Application for works over assets and/or easements 

Wannon Water's Buildover (Asset Protection) Procedure states that without the consent of Wannon Water no landowner or person shall erect any structure:

(a) within a Wannon Water easement; or

(b) within one metre of a sewer, the wall of a maintenance structure, or an inspection shaft on a property sewer drain; or

(c) within two metres of where a property sewer drain enters a property from an external sewer or within 2 metres of the property sewer drains connection point on a sewer located within a property (and no inspection shaft on the property sewer drain exists).

(d) within three metres of water main or sewerage rising main; or

(e) that restricts access to a Wannon Water asset.

Customers considering applying for a buildover consent should first refer to the Buildover Quick Reference Guide.  Where this guide indicates that a buildover agreement will be "considered", customers should refer to the Buildover Information Sheet to determine what criteria any application will be assessed against.

Customers who wish to apply to Wannon Water to consider if the proposed works will be granted a buildover consent must complete the Initial Enquiry for Building near or over Wannon Water Assets or Easements form. Please note that the submission of an application and payment of the fee does not guarantee approval of the proposal.

Wannon Water will forward a Consent to Erect a Structure in Accordance with S148 of the Water Act 1989 for signing by the property owner where it considers that the application meets or will meet the buildover requirements.

Upon receiving a copy of the buildover consent from Wannon Water, the applicant may proceed with the works, subject to having all other relevant permits and approvals required by law.

For Roof Water Harvesting buildover information, or if you require additional help, please contact us.