At Wannon Water we are committed to realising our vision, "Beyond Water for Strong Communities".  We recognise the vital role our organisation plays within the region and we are committed to working with our communities to develop effective long-term relationships.

Our Community Strategy, Partnering for Stronger Communities, aims to build on the relationships we have forged with our communities, helping them to flourish.  We will work with our 83,000 residents, our communities and businesses to create win-win solutions. Because we all benefit from a buoyant, healthy and connected community.

Developed with input from our Board, employees, Community Advisory Committee and other key regional stakeholders, Partnering for Stronger Communities highlights five key themes that are important to our organisation and to our communities:

To learn more about our approach to community engagement, and how you can get involved, download our Partnering for Stronger Communities brochure.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Policy clearly defines our approach and commitment to stakeholder engagement and consultation.

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