Community Event Support



Open all year round!

To apply

  1. Read the guidelines below
  2. Submit your application any time at least six (6) weeks prior to the event
  3. Complete the on-line application form on this website

Great water gear available to support community events

Apply for free hire/donation of these items through The Ripple Effect Community Events Support.  

Equipment loans, merchandise donations and/or financial support up to combined value of $500. All items are subject to availability. 

Spons Choose Tap Water Dispenser

Choose Tap water bottle refill stations

  • Designed as an ergonomic way to be smart and Choose Tap to refill your drink bottle at events
  • Available for free hire
  • Requires access to drinking water tap
  • Hose and fittings included
  • Value estimated at $50 per day

Sports Eski Small

19-litre water container/dispensers

  • Be smart and Choose Tap at your event when there is not a tap handy
  • Available for free hire
  • Has tap at the bottom (not shown in photo)
  • Value estimated at $10 per day

Spons Choose Tap Water Bottles Cropped

Choose Tap water bottles

  • Everyone loves our great water bottles
  • Use as prizes at your event
  • Made in Australia
  • PBA free, recyclable plastic
  • Value based on the cost price to us is $3.50 per bottle

Spons Plastic Cup     Spons Choose Tap Paper Cup

Reuseable plastic cups (left)

  • Available for loan for your community event
  • Value is estimated at $1 each per event

Choose Tap paper cups (right)

  • Where reusable cups are not posible
  • Made in Australia
  • 100% recyclable
  • Value based on cost to us is 50c each


Product 1 Mobile

Prize pack in bucket

  • We can customise the packs to suit your event
  • Value is estimated at $50 per pack

Spons Prize Pack In Bag

Prize packs in tote bag

  • We can customise the packs to suit your event
  • Value is estimated at $50 per pack

Timing and reporting requirements

  • Submit your application any time at least six (6) weeks prior to the event.
  • Wannon Water will be in touch following the event and recipients will be asked to complete our on-line feedback form and provide photos from the event. 


  • Pick-up of equipment and merchandise for events will be available at your nearest Wannon Water office unless otherwise arranged – if we can make it more convenient for you, we will.
  • Payments for event support will be made up front.
  • Payments for annual community grants will be made in two stages: 80% up front and 20% on receipt of the final report. 

The Ripple Effect criteria – we are seeking win-win projects and events that:

  1. Contribute to the themes in our community strategy: regional prosperity; education, training and volunteering; health and wellbeing; and/or natural environment;
  2. Align with our mission and capabilities: to provide safe, reliable, innovative and sustainable water services and strengthen communities in south-west Victoria;
  3. Are designed to maximise the scale of their impact within our service region, whether that be in your town, district or across our whole service area. Innovation will be rewarded here;
  4. Collectively, will result in impacts of The Ripple Effect across our whole service area;
  5. Are great value for money;
  6. Will promote the messages of the project or event to the community and will acknowledge the support provided by Wannon Water; and
  7. Are not retrospective (that is, activities that have already happened are not eligible). 


For queries about Community Events Support, please contact our Marketing & Communications Advisor on 5565 6648.