Community Grants

WaterbeyondlogoTHE RIPPLE EFFECT


Applications for 2018 will open soon! 

  • One grant round per year
  • Successful applicants for 2018 will be announced in June
  • Projects in this round should be implemented between July 1 2018 and June 30 2019
  • Financial support is up to $5,000 (to be matched dollar for dollar with cash or in-kind support from the applicant).

Timing and reporting requirements

  • April 2 2018 – Applications for 2018 OPEN
  • April 30 2018 – Applications for 2018 CLOSE
  • May 2018 – assessment period
  • June 2018 – announcements and notifications
  • July 1 2018 – projects to commence
  • June 30 2019 – ALL PROJECTS COMPLETED (final reports submitted, and acquitted)


  1. Contribute to the themes in our community strategy: regional prosperity; education, training and volunteering; health and wellbeing; and/or natural environment;
  2. Align with our mission and capabilities: to provide safe, reliable, innovative and sustainable water services and strengthen communities in south-west Victoria;
  3. Are designed to maximise the scale of their impact within our service region, whether that be in your town, district or across our whole service area. Innovation will be rewarded here;
  4. Collectively, will result in impacts of The Ripple Effect across our whole service area;
  5. Are great value for money;
  6. Will promote the messages of the project or event to the community and will acknowledge the support provided by Wannon Water; and
  7. Are not retrospective (that is, activities that have already happened are not eligible). 


  • You are a not-for-profit, volunteer-based, community organisation within our service area.
  • You can demonstrate your ability to carry out the event or project successfully. Use the application form to show us how you have thought through your proposal and how you will deliver maximum impact.
  • You do not have outstanding reports due for grants or sponsorship from us.


  • All applications will be assessed against The Ripple Effect criteria above.
  • The Ripple Effect Community Events Support applications will be assessed as they are submitted - allow up to six (6) weeks before your event. Applications will be assessed against the criteria, including collectively achieving impact across the region and across Wannon Water's Community Strategy themes. For example, if we have already supported a number of events addressing a particular theme in a particular town, similar requests may be denied with the suggestion of resubmitting the following year.
  • The Ripple Effect Community Grant applications will be subject to a competitive assessment process as part of the annual round.
  • We will be monitoring for impact across our service region and Community Strategy themes. If we see low uptake in some areas we will actively promote The Ripple Effect in those areas.
  • Lack of experience in applying for a grant should not be a disadvantage. We are here to discuss your project and event ideas with you and assist you with the application process.
  • Wannon Water employees are required to comply with the Code of Conduct for the Victorian Public Sector in respect to providing sponsorship and other matters of ethical behaviour and fair dealing. 


For Community Grants, contact our Education & Engagement Coordinator on 5565 6649 to discuss your application.