Wannon Water engages consultants to assist in the investigation, design and construction of major projects, the delivery of technical services and to provide corporate services. 

The contracts awarded in the last three months include:

Contract No.  

Contract Name 

Contract Price 

Contract Awarded To 


Design And Construction Of A Commercial Solar Pv System For Warrnambool Water Treatment Plant (Wtp)


Aus1 Energis P/L


Mortlake Clear Water Tank Coating Refurbishmnet- Interior


Geelong Abrasive Blasting


Construction Of A Wind Energy Generator Foundation & Associated Works


G.R. Carr Building Contractors Pty Ltd
838  Sewer Rehabilitation Term Contract 2018 Schedule of rates Insituform Pacific Pty Ltd
843 Supply and Installation of a Data Centre, warrnambool $219,635 Perfekt Pty Ltd