Wannon Water's innovation capabilities were recognised at an international level, with the mastermind of the visionary Roof Water Harvesting project, Peter Wilson, winning the Australian Achiever category of the 2011 savewater! awards. The project also received a High Commendation at the AWA 2012 Victorian Water Awards.

Roof Water Harvesting refers to rain water being collected from rooftops in new residential subdivisions and transported through pipes to an existing raw water storage. There it is treated and becomes part of the drinking water supply. This is far more cost effective than individual tanks and is a viable alternative to other augmentation options.

The concept is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia and provides a working demonstration of a more sustainable approach to water management.

Funding for the project has been provided through the Australian Federal Government and the Victorian State Government, allowing the demonstration site to be established and the regional harvesting principle to be explored in other areas of Australia.


Demonstration site

A demonstration site in Warrnambool was officially opened in June 2011. Located in a growth corridor, the site will harvest water from 254 homes through a 4.4-kilometre network of pipes, saving 37 million litres of water a year.

Tool kit

A Roof Water Harvesting tool kit has also been developed to assist other growth regions identify how they can use the same approach.

The tool kit helps assess the financial viability of similar systems within Australia and allows quick comparisons with other potential water supply sources. By entering a number of key parameters, it allows a roof water harvesting system to be defined in terms of the collection system, transfer pipelines, storage basins and a treatment plant.

To request a tool kit be mailed to you, please complete the Tool Kit Request Form.