The Warrnambool Roof Water Harvesting Project is a leading example of integrated water management. The project ‘taps’ a new water catchment by capturing water from roofs that would otherwise be lost in run-off, supporting more liveable and sustainable cities. Wannon Water is very proud of this innovative project, a first in Australia.

Roof Water Harvesting refers to rain water being collected from rooftops in new residential or Industrial subdivisions and transported through pipes to an existing raw water storage. The water is then treated at the Water Treatment Plant and becomes part of the drinking water supply.

Future growth

This system is progressively being expanded as development occurs in Warrnambool’s main north-east growth corridor over the next 30 years. The roofs of some 3,000 new homes to be constructed will form an urban catchment that is expected to contribute 471 megalitres of water per year into the Brierly Basin and then treated at the Warrnambool Water Treatment Plant for urban drinking water.

During the 2016/17 period, Wannon Water worked with the developers of the Warrnambool Gateway Business Park in East Warrnambool to design the pipe network and pumping station to collect roof water from industrial sheds built on stage one of the development. The works are planned for completion in the 2017/18 financial year and, when fully developed, this stage is expected to harvest 25 megalitres per year.


Most recently in May 2018 the Wannon Water ‘Warrnambool Roof Water Harvesting Project’ was a finalist in the ‘Infrastructure Project Innovation Award’ at the 2018 Australian Water Awards and won the same category in December 2017 at the Australian Water Association’s Victorian Water Awards.

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Picture courtesy of the Australian Water Association. 

Wannon Water's innovation capabilities were previously recognised at a national level, with the mastermind of the visionary Roof Water Harvesting project, Peter Wilson, winning the Australian Achiever category of the 2011 savewater! awards. The project also received a High Commendation at the AWA 2012 Victorian Water Awards.

Tool kit

A Roof Water Harvesting tool kit has also been developed to assist other growth regions identify how they can use the same approach.

The tool kit helps assess the financial viability of similar systems within Australia and allows quick comparisons with other potential water supply sources. By entering a number of key parameters, it allows a roof water harvesting system to be defined in terms of the collection system, transfer pipelines, storage basins and a treatment plant.

To request a tool kit be mailed to you, please complete the Tool Kit Request Form.